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The Crystal Directory O - S


Crystal Directory O - S

Obsidian (Black)

Color: Solid black.

Chakra: Base.

Physical: Clears digestive system, clogged arteries, physical blockages of all kinds.

Spiritual: The Wizard’s Crystal, good for psychics as it only works with positive

energy, grounds and protects whilst facilitating great insight.

Obsidian (Blue)

Color: Translucent distinctive blue.

Chakra: Throat, Heart

Physical: Circulatory system, heart, blood pressure.

Obsidian (Snowflake)

Color: Black with distinctive white ‘snowflake’ pattern.

Chakra: Sacral, Base.

Physical: Circulatory system, veins, arteries.

Spiritual: Use during times of change as black offers protection & the white, purity. A

good crystal for times of loneliness. Powerfully absorbs negative energy, so cleanse



Color: Black, shiny.

Chakra: Base.

Physical: Nervous system.

Spiritual: Soothes edgy, nervous people. Excellent for those who worry too much. Also

a crystal for visionaries. This crystal does not offer protection despite being black, so use

a protective crystal in conjunction with onyx when undertaking spiritual practices.


Color: Translucent pale to vibrant green. Expensive.

Chakra: Heart.

Physical: Lungs, lymph glands, breast.

Spiritual: A regeneration crystal, it strengthens & protects physical body, aligns &

balances aura field. Eases jealousy, anger, fear, anxiety.


Color: Shimmery bright purple color mixed in with base rock.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown.

Physical: Purifying blood.

Spiritual: A crystal for clairvoyants, psychics, mediums. Excellent for manifestation


Pyrite (Iron Pyrite/Fool’s Gold)

Color: Shiny gold.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Physical: Excellent for combating male impotence & fertility issues. Good for blood,

tissues & infections.

Spiritual: Assists in taking action to create abundance in one's life. Stimulates creativity

and encourages one to overcome fears, have more confidence and take action.


Color: Translucent, clear through to milky white.

Chakra: All.

Physical: General healer for all conditions.

Spiritual: Quartz is a conductor, transmitter and keeper of energy patterns & vibrations.

Excellent crystal for starters as its energy is gentle & constant. Can help all types of

healing therapies and alternative work.


Color: Deep pink color, usually with paler pink & white striations. Expensive.

Chakra: Heart.

Physical: Food addictions, asthma, anorexia, liver.

Spiritual: A soul mate crystal, this is for romantics whom wish to draw their soul mate

to them. Also the most vibrant, loving crystal for use in healing where giving/receiving

love is an issue.


Color: Solid, often dull pink with black inclusions.

Chakra: Base, Heart.

Physical: Eases coughs, excellent for lungs, chest, respiratory system, emphysema. Also

for speech difficulties & hearing problems.

Spiritual: Opens up the heart to give and receive love. Enables one to see through

illusions and watch a drama occur, but not be drawn into it.

Rose Quartz

Color: Pale translucent pink, often a more solid, milky pink. Always pale in color.

Chakra: Heart - on an emotional level.

Physical: Heart conditions.

Spiritual: The crystal par excellence for any matters relating to the emotions. This

crystal is fantastic when we have just taken a spiritual leap in vibration or awareness - we

ALL need our emotions soothed at some point, this crystal is not about emotional

stability, but of soothing any emotional discord or change. Our emotions are our guidance

system to manifestation and creating our own reality.

Selenite (Angel/Halo Rock)

Color: Shiny, iridescent white.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown.

Physical: Bones, teeth, physical flexibility.

Spiritual: Facilitates growth, expansion, openness, luck & accesses ancient records.

Excellent for healing practitioners & meditation.

Smokey Quartz

Color: Brown, translucent quartz. Should be see through. If it is jet black and not see

through, it has been heat treated and is not natural.

Chakra: Base, Sacral, Crown.

Physical: Fertility, reproductive balance, PMS.

Spiritual: A crystal with very strong male energies. This crystal can open your crown

chakra and ground you at the same time. Excellent for meditation, channelling & seeking

higher guidance.


Color: Predominately blue, with white striations and black inclusions.

Chakra: Throat.

Physical: Lymphatic & glandular systems.

Spiritual: Good for writers as this crystal brings logic, spiritual perception, focus of

intention & truth.

Strawberry Quartz

Color: Strawberry pink color, slightly translucent, but not see through. This crystal in

its natural form is rare, with only a small amount on the market through a recent find in

Namibia. It was the first find in two years. Rare & expensive.

Chakra: Heart, Crown.

Physical: Energises the heart.

Spiritual: A very powerful little crystal. Integrates the physical with the spiritual. You

will only come across this crystal if you are ready to receive information & have


Sugilite (Luvulite/Royal Lazel)

Color: Pale lilac, varying shades of purple and often nearly jet black. Rare &


Chakra: Third Eye - all chakras on a physical level.

Physical: Draws out pain from burns, inflammation, infections. A first aid crystal.

Spiritual: Powerful crystal for the third eye.

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