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The Crystal Directory J - M


Crystal Directory J - M


Color: Green, purple, blue, red, yellow.

Chakra: Heart

Physical: Kidneys, glands, spleen, heart, energetic systems.

Spiritual: The crystal of meditation, instilling calm & peace and allowing joy into one's

life. Also a crystal of wealth and prosperity.

Jasper (Red)

Color: Deep, solid red color. Often with grey/black striations.

Chakra: Base, Sacral

Physical: Circulatory & muscular systems - strengthens.

Spiritual: A grounding crystal. Some people find hematite too strong. Red Jasper is the

perfect alternative. It soothes and brings information from deep within.


Color: Black - Fossilised Monkey Trees

Chakra: Base

Physical: Protective, cleanses liver & kidneys

Spiritual: Enables one to see the lesson behind negative experiences and promotes

honesty regarding this. Resonance with jet assists one in perceiving one's personal power

in order to reach full potential.


Color: Translucent, white, pink, green, yellow, lilac. Expensive.

Chakra: Heart

Physical: Use after trauma/operations. Strengthens circulatory & immune systems

Spiritual: Opens your heart to receive and give love freely. One of the most loving

crystals, it releases resistance to life and aids one in becoming receptive. It gently

protects, clears and brings in fresh energy.

Kyanite (Black)

Color: Black.

Chakra: Base.

Physical: Heals infections & lowers blood pressure. Clears energy blocks and

replenishes meridian system.

Spiritual: Both grounding, energising and protective - excellent for meditation as can

never be negative. Also excellent for any form of energetic healing.

Kyanite (Blue)

Color: Pale to bright blue. The more translucent, the higher the grade.

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye.

Physical: Sore throats, tonsillitis, neck pain. Excellent after physical trauma, seizure or

stroke, aiding new neural pathways around damaged areas.

Spiritual: Excellent for communication, honesty and truth. Stimulates third eye and

psychic abilities. Highly protective. Aligns chakras automatically and can never be

negative. Soothes and releases stress. Builds bridges to understanding emotional patterns.

Kyanite (Green)

Color: Green (rare/expensive).

Chakra: Heart.

Physical: Lowers blood pressure.

Spiritual: Creates a bridge between oneself and the energies of Nature. Helps one to feel

the ever-moving flow of balance, the life force of the Universe. Connects one to the truth

of the heart and is a sincerity detector.


Color: Iridescent gold, green, peacock blue, deep blue

Chakra: All

Physical: Good for eyes. No longer aids sleep as it is working on a spiritual level, so you

will have vivid dreams and travelling rather than peaceful sleep.

Spiritual: A crystal that helps one walk their spiritual path. Opens up the energy flow to

the chakras. Aids intuition & clairvoyance as it provides clarity of mind to ‘hear, see,

feel’ clearly.

Lapis Lazuli

Color: Deep, solid blue with gold (iron pyrite) inclusions. Sometimes has white

inclusions of base rock. Expensive.

Chakra: Throat - on a mental level

Physical: Excellent for tension headaches, migraine & anxiety caused by an overactive


Spiritual: The best crystal around for issues relating to the mind, especially stress.


Color: Milky green/blue/white mix. Expensive.

Chakra: Heart - on an emotional level.

Physical: Lifts the feelings of depression, apathy, feeling run-down.

Spiritual: An earth crystal, connection to feminine energy, nature and our planet.

Provides patience, simplicity & peace.


Color: Shimmery purple

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Physical: Relieves allergies, strengthens immune system, relieves mental & emotional


Spiritual: Good for sleep, ADHD, bi-polar disorders, mood swings. Contains lithium, so

soothes depression & despondency.


Color: Pale to dark green with distinctive striations/markings

Chakra: Heart

Physical: Excellent for arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes & depression.

Spiritual: Powerful healing stone, cleanse after use. Grounds heart energies, providing

stability, patience, tolerance, strength.


Colorado mixture of Chrysocolla & Malachite. Vibrant mixture of blues & greens

when polished. Expensive and rare - all known mines have been exhausted.

Chakra: Heart, Throat

Physical: A first aid crystal. Excellent for aches, pains, bumps, bruises, muscles, tension,

arthritis, rheumatism, blood sugar balance, insulin balance, thyroid, diabetes, depression,


Spiritual: Releases negative emotions, brings old habitual patterns to the surface for

healing, aids those who feel tremendous guilt.


Color: Translucent, distinctive shade of green, often bumpy/pitted surface. Very

expensive - the market is being flooded with fake moldavite - you'll know if it’s real

because you'll FEEL it.

Chakra: Heart upward - incredibly powerful.

Physical: One of the highest vibration crystals on the planet. Use with care.

Spiritual: A stone of huge transformation on a spiritual level. This crystal will fast

forward one on their spiritual path.


Color: Milky, iridescent white, cream, brown, orange

Chakra: Heart - on an emotional & physical level.

Physical: Balances hormones - excellent for teenagers, conception, fertility, childbirth &

nursing & menopause.

Spiritual: Moonstone is very under rated. It is a feminine crystal that balances &

soothes. Excellent for mood swings & hormone imbalance. Also a good stone for

insensitive men as it draws in gentle, feminine energy in a way that integrates rather than



Color: Translucent pale pink through to bright pink. Expensive.

Chakra: Heart, Throat - high frequency

Physical: Strengthens throat, lungs, breathing, respiratory system.

Spiritual: Good for spiritual healings as it helps pent up emotions to be released.

Removes the negative emotion & energy that gets stored around the heart/throat,

clogging us up and causing respiratory problems.

Muscovite (Mica)

Color: Red/Orange - Sparkly

Chakra: Solar Plexus & Crown

Physical: Stomach, digestive system

Spiritual: Aids ESP and psychic awareness. Gives confidence & self esteem.

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