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The Crystal Directory G - I


Crystal Directory G - I


Color: Shimmering grey/silver

Chakra: Root

Physical: Counters infection and radiation. Excellent support for those having cancer

treatment. Good for recovering from addiction.

Spiritual: Allows one to perceive all aspects of the self and integrate them. Gives one

strength, courage and energy to complete difficult tasks.

Garnet (Black/Melanite)

Color: Black, shiny. Often sparkles.

Chakra: Root

Physical: Stroke, recovery from. Resists infections, protects the physical body and

immune system.

Spiritual: Protects by sealing the aura and reflecting negative energies whilst at the

same time, filling the aura with Universal force. Self-empowering. Aids those who feel

they do not have the strength, ability or knowledge to fulfil their spiritual path.

Overcomes disempowered states of being.

Garnet (Red)

Color: Deep crimson red.

Chakra: Base, Sacral - cleanses and energises all chakras.

Physical: Circulatory system, anaemia, regeneration of muscles/tissues, cells.

Spiritual: Garnet stimulates passion on all levels, increases vitality, stamina and

stability. A plentiful, energising crystal. Balances the sex-drive and provides emotional

support whilst doing so. A crystal for calm people as it can enhance angry moods.

Gem Silica

Color: Vibrant green/blue

Chakra: Heart, Throat and Third-Eye

Physical: Respiratory system, soothing vocal chords, laryngitis and sore throats

Spiritual: One of the highest Communication crystals to receive and communicate

Spirit. Improves understanding in relationships. Enhances power of the voice and



Color: Blackish Brown

Chakra: Root, Sacral & Third-Eye

Physical: Strengthens blood & assists oxygenation. Stimulates bone marrow growth.

Spiritual: Takes one deep within. Brings one down from flying in clouds of fantasy

directly into the Earth. Excellent for those ready to heal from grief. A stone of death and



Color: White & clear

Chakra: Third-Eye, Crown and Etherics

Physical: Heals headaches, sinusitis and brain imbalances.

Spiritual: Powerfully enhances meditation and dream work. Reveals patterns and

diseases. Good crystal for healers.


Color: Silvery grey.

Chakra: Base - cleanse regularly.

Physical: Cleanses the circulatory system and blood.

Spiritual: Grounding stone, calming anxiety, drama & hysteria. Excellent for students as

it facilitates confidence, concentration & focus.


Color: Green/Blue

Chakra: Heart upward

Physical: Excellent for PMS, hormonal related problems and mood swings

Spiritual: Powerful crystal for opening and clearing higher chakras. Calms the

emotional system, bringing forgiveness, release of resentment or anger and the healing of

karmic ties between people.

Herkimer Diamonds

Color: Clear, occasionally with black or white inclusions. Expensive.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown - on a spiritual level

Physical: This is a spiritual crystal, although it can detoxify physical issues via spiritual



Color: White with grey striations. Often dyed bright blue and sold as turquoise (fake)

or Turquertine. Always buy the white variety to ensure you have genuine Howlite.

Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third-Eye.

Physical: Teeth, bones, calcium absorption, pregnancy, muscular tension. Releases rage

and stress. Good for insomnia.

Spiritual: This is a great crystal to calm uncontrollable anger or erratic mood swings.

Excellent for ADHD. Aids sleep as it releases rage, frustrations and resentment, easing

the mind and facilitating deep sleep.


Color: Dark navy blue.

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Physical: Addictions, sobriety and healing of the eyes.

Spiritual: Opens upper three chakras, aiding intuition and trusting one’s inner self. It is

a visionary crystal. Empowers one to find solutions to seemingly impossible problems,

giving hope in difficult circumstances, encouraging a positive, calm and clear mind.

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