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The Crystal Directory D - F


Crystal Directory D - F


Color: Clear, occasionally milky white, yellow, pink or lilac.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown & Etherics

Physical: Excellent for clearing allergies and chronic conditions, liver & gallbladder.

Spiritual: A Shaman’s tool. Best used by those whom work with shamanic/natural

energies. Excellent for cleansing. Connects strongly to guides & higher beings/Spirit

during dreams and meditation. It is a highly programmable crystal. Get used to crystals

before using Danburite as it is very powerful & can work deeply on many levels,



Color: Generally clear, sparkling

Chakra: The Heart and all chakras above that

Physical: Clears stagnant energy and removes blockages

Spiritual: Promotes truth, vision and alignment with the higher mind. Clearing and



Color: Varying shades of green, black or brown

Chakra: Root & Heart

Physical: Regenerative healing, heals the physical heart and lungs after trauma/illness

Spiritual: Connection to Mother Earth, Gaia, nature. Brings us back to our balanced

emotional centre. Offers perspective during turbulent emotional times.


Color: Varying shades of green

Chakra: Heart

Physical: Powerful healer for those whom have physical disease due to past emotional

trauma and/or abuse.

Spiritual: Vital for those who constantly go over the past in their minds & cannot let

things go. Aids those whom have become victims to allow themselves to release old pain

and move forward into healing. A high, sparkly vibration that may make you giddy or



Color: White or gray, sometimes tinged with green, yellow or pink

Chakra: All

Physical: Excellent for detoxification & bones.

Spiritual: Calming, serene energy. Makes you stop and allow yourself to be who you

TRULY are. You are already Spiritual. Stop expecting miracles and begin experiencing

them in each moment. Brings you into the Here & Now in Peace.


Color: Dark blue/black, sometimes red/brown

Chakra: Third Eye

Physical: Clears mental fog, mental confusion and mental energy blocks.

Spiritual:Enchances one's psychic & intuitive connection and facilitates logic and clear

communication of what is received. Helps those who see themselves as outsiders to feel

more connected to both the Universe and those around them.

Elestial Quartz

Color: Various, always clear quartz based

Chakra: All

Physical: Excellent for skeleton, bones, breakages. Excellent for physical healing work.

Spiritual: Brings energy, information and assists along our spiritual path.


Color: Green variety of Beryl

Chakra: Heart

Physical: Helps the physical heart heal and recover.

Spiritual: Connects to compassion and appreciation. Shifts scarcity consciousness to

prosperity consciousness.


Color: Black or dark green

Chakra: All

Physical: Works on cancer, fibrosis and similar physical manifestations.

Spiritual: Releases patterns of negativity. Teaches one to positively change ones

thoughts, words and actions so life can be transformed. A powerful manifestation tool -

you MUST ensure you have some of what you wish to manifest. Epidot will ensure it

manifests rapidly.

Faden Quartz

Color: White or clear

Chakra: All

Physical: Breaks in bones, tears in muscles, fractures, severed nerves etc.

Spiritual: Activates links between the physical body, physical chakras and then etheric

chakras in that order. You will feel it physically, then you should feel activation in your

chakras, then the energy will go above your head and away from your body into the

etheric chakras. It’s a strong sensation.


Color: Black

Chakra: All

Physical: Brings the etheric into the physical, speeding up healing

Spiritual: Allows one to recall and integrate intuitions & insights into the physical world.

Soothes those whom are addicted to emotional drama.

Fluorite (Green)

Color: Varying shades of translucent green - often unusually bright.

Chakra: All (harmonizes heart and mind)

Physical: Very good for eyesight, sinuses, respiratory infections, coughs, colds and


Spiritual: Fluorite brings order to chaos, soothing matters with its cool green color.

Particularly good stone for those who did not receive enough love from their mother as a


Fluorite (Rainbow)

Color: Green, purple and turquoise striations - translucent.

Chakra: All

Physical: Excellent for eye problems, detoxification & lung/chest disorders.

Spiritual: Clears the mind of stress from fast paced living. Opens the higher chakras,

cleansing & recharging them and aiding clarity/honesty. Essential basic for aura &

healing work.

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