Kreative Karma Jewelery Enterprises

“one receives that which one gives”

About Us

The name of our business ‘Kreative Karma Jewelery Enterprises’ originates from the words Creative and Karma.

We have chosen and adapted the word Creative so it begins with a ‘K’ instead of a ‘C’ so as to be as unique as possible. This is also evident in our approach to business. As our name says ‘Kreative’, we are also the only Wholesale Jewelery Manufacturing Company in Johannesburg that offers products with the highest quality of Gem Stones, Crystals and Brass, all under one roof. All our Jewelery is Handmade; our Gem Stones and Beads are Hand cut and authentic and the metals used are pure. Our prices will beat any competitor’s in the Industry.

We chose the word ‘Karma’ for its definition – Karma is the doctrine of inevitable consequence. It is defined by Hinduism and Buddhism to be the cosmic operation of retribution which acts to determine the status and experiences of a person based upon the actions of that person during a previous incarnation or previous era of this lifetime. The philosophy of Karma allows for the realisation that one’s actions in this life may also affect future lives and that one’s experiences in this life are based on ones actions in a past life.

To phrase the doctrine aptly, one receives that which one gives”.



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