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Kreative Karma Jewelery Enterprises is a Wholesale Jewelery Manufacturing Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are Wholesalers of Fine Silver Jewelery, Beads, Accessories, Crystals & Brass and Dealers in Precious & Semi-Precious Cut Stones.

The business has been in operation since 2004 and is very successful. The business operations consist of acquiring precious and semi-precious beads and stones; crystal balls and specimens and brass objects. We manufacture crystal pencils, pendulums and handcrafted jewelery. The stones are hand cut and either set in Silver or Gold or available on its own. All items are sold wholesale to both companies/stores and the general public.

We offer the most competitive prices in the wholesale business.

Repairs & Resizing also done. Jewelery & Cut Stones made to order as per your specs.
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